Zoomerang can now transform your video shorts into AI-generated art on mobile

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TikTok popularized short-form video content, which is now supported by nearly every social media and video platform. It was only a matter of time before the AI boom made its way to transform short-form video, too.  

On Tuesday, Zoomerang, a video editing app, announced that it is adding two new AI technologies, Deforum and Restyle, to facilitate short-form video AI transformations on mobile. 

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Deforum, known on the application as Deform, uses Stable Diffusion’s image-to-image function to generate a series of images that when stitched together create a video. 

To use this feature, users can upload an image or video and then select from a pre-made template or input a prompt, much like one would on a regular AI-image generator, to see the effect applied to the video. 


Similarly, the Restyle feature will allow users to transform a video, up to thirty seconds, into an AI-generated stylized video using Image-to-Image Batch Processing technology powered by Stable Diffusion. 

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Users will be able to select a template or create their own prompt. 


Both Deform and Restyle have been used in videos for months through a variety of applications. However, the significance of this release is that it brings the technology to mobile on both iOS and Android.

“By introducing Deform and Restyle to the Zoomerang application, we enable video creators to unleash their imagination and bring their unique artistic visions to life,” said David Grigoryan, co-founder of Zoomerang.

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Zoomerang’s announcement builds on Qualcomm’s integration of Stable Diffusion into mobile, specifically Android, in February. 

The Deform and Restyle features will only be available on Zoomerang’s subscription tier, which costs $12.99 per month or $59.99 a year. 

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