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The BIGGEST NEW AI Announced at Google I/O (2024)

The BIGGEST NEW AI Announced at Google I/O (2024) 🔒 Keep Your Digital Life Private and Be Safe Online: Curious about the latest breakthroughs in AI? Dive into the unveiling of the biggest new AI at Google I/O 2024! In this video, we explore the cutting-edge advancements reshaping our digital landscape. From enhanced capabilities to […]

🚀 Dive into the 2024 Brivo Top Security Trends Report with us! 🌐

___________ Welcome to the 2024 Brivo Top Security Trends Report! In this video, we’ll be discussing the key findings of our latest report, which focuses on the future of security in the era of technological transformation. 🌐 First up, we tackle tech integration and security concerns. Nearly 40% of respondents doubt their current systems’ effectiveness. […]

Tech trends 2024: Beating the market

🚀 Welcome to our deep dive into the Tech Trends of 2024! In this video, we’re uncovering the most groundbreaking technological advancements and how they’re shaping industries, influencing markets, and offering unprecedented opportunities for investors and innovators alike. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a savvy investor, or someone curious about the future, this video is […]

Bose’s new SoundLink Max high-end Bluetooth speaker

The Bose SoundLink Max is the latest in the line of high-end Bluetooth speakers, and it does its job really well. It doesn’t try to be some sort of AI-powered smart monster. It connects to your devices and plays audio — and it looks really good while it’s doing it. Plus it’s as portable as […]

Nvidia SHATTERS Quantum Computing! Mind-Blowing CUDA-Q Centers Unveiled

Nvidia SHATTERS Quantum Computing! Mind-Blowing CUDA-Q Centers Unveiled 🔒 Keep Your Digital Life Private and Be Safe Online: Curious about the latest breakthrough in quantum computing? Dive into the mind-blowing unveiling of Nvidia’s CUDA-Q Centers, shattering the barriers of possibility! Witness innovation redefine limits as we explore the forefront of computational technology. From quantum leaps […]

55 The Backupmonster Show: Data Protection Trends in 2024/2025 | Dave Russell

Who doesn’t enjoy viewing r e p o r t s?! 📊👨‍💻📋 Take, for instance, Veeam’s “2024 Data Protection Trends”. Within its pages, one discovers the dire consequences faced by organizations that neglect data protection. Consider this finding: 💡Most organizations FAIL cyberattack and disaster recovery tests due to missing SLAs. 💡 But fear not! In […]

20 Trends in IT to note for 2024 till 2030

Summary The #future of IT is characterised by the evolution of #5G technology, #AI and #ML, emerging #technologies, and long-term #impacts on #cities. 5G technology will accelerate the #development of #6G, enabling faster and more #reliable #internet connections. AI and ML will create new tech areas, such as #virtualreality and #blockchain, allowing businesses to run […]

Designs for the Edge | Harvesting Innovation With Smart Agriculture Technology Trends

Explore the latest trends in smart farming and agriculture technology, delving into design challenges and available solutions. Discover market insights, technology trends, and innovative solutions shaping the future of sustainable agriculture practices.

Project Astra: Our vision for the future of AI assistants

Introducing Project Astra. We created a demo in which a tester interacts with a prototype of AI agents supported by our multimodal foundation model, Gemini. There are two continuous takes: one with the prototype running on a Google Pixel phone and another on a prototype glasses device. The agent takes in a constant stream of […]