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Which Ubuntu flavor is best suited for you?

Best for: Anyone who wants to breath new life into an old PC or who simply places a priority on a lightning-fast desktop.

If you’re looking for speed, Lubuntu might be the way to go. Lubuntu offers the LXQt desktop, which is lightweight and performs exceptionally well on old and new hardware. Like Kubuntu, Lubuntu offers all the usual desktop trimmings — a panel, start menu, clickable icons, system tray…pretty much everything you’re accustomed to. The biggest (aesthetic) difference is that Lubuntu will make you feel like you’ve been transported back to the early days of Windows 7, with minimum effects and maximum usability. 

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Ultimately, however, Lubuntu is all about speed. This desktop is fast, which makes it perfect for giving your old PC new life. So, if you have a spare PC lying around (one that will no longer support the latest versions of Windows), Lubuntu might be the ideal option.

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