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What is Bing Chat? Here’s everything you need to know

Microsoft has been on a hot streak for releasing updates. On a weekly basis, if not more often, Bing Chat has been getting convenient updates. The most recent batch dropped leading up to Microsoft Build. 

In a July 18 release, Microsoft released its enterprise Bing Chat enterprise solution, and updated the chatbot to accept both text and image inputs. 

In a June 2 release, Microsoft expanded Bing Chat’s limit to 30 turns per chat and 300 chats per day. Bing Image Creator support was also expanded to all modes, and travel queries were optimized to give more visual results. 

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In a May 22 release, Bing Chat got several long-awaited features, including a chat history and no more chat or turn limits. 

Other bells and whistles included better visuals in answers, videos in answers, improved auto-suggest, optimized answers for recipes, and privacy improvements in the Edge sidebar.

Before this release, Microsoft announced new AI features to its Bing, Swiftkey, Skype, and Edge apps. The highlight of this wave of updates was a Bing Chat widget that allows you to access Bing Chat from your smartphone’s home screen. 

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