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Use a screen protector on your Pixel phone? You should enable this feature

June Wan/ZDNET

If you use a screen protector to prevent scratches to your Pixel phone, you might have noticed your screen isn’t quite as sensitive to your taps and swipes. 

I’ve experienced this to such a degree that the phone had trouble registering my taps and swipes. I’d miss phone calls because the screen protector I was using was too thick.

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Although I’ve since stopped using screen protectors, I know many people still use them. Thankfully, Google includes a feature on its Pixel line of phones that alleviates this issue. The feature is called Screen protector mode and it increases the touch-sensitivity of your display, improving interaction when using a protector on your phone.

I will warn you that if you do not use a screen protector on your phone then you should not enable the feature because it could lead to inadvertent taps and swipes. 

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So, if you don’t use a screen protector on your Pixel phone, there’s nothing for you here. If, however, you do slap a screen protector on your device, keep reading, as you’ll want to enable this feature.

How to enable Screen protector mode

What you’ll need: The only thing you’ll need for this tip is a Pixel phone with an attached screen protector. With those two things at the ready, let’s heighten the sensitivity of your Pixel phone screen.

Log into your Pixel phone and open the Settings app by either pulling down the Notification Shade twice or tapping Settings from within the App Drawer.

The Settings entry in the Android 13 App Drawer.

You can open Settings from either the Notification Shade or the App Drawer.

Jack Wallen/ZDNET

Locate and tap the Display entry within the Settings app.

The Display entry in Android 13 Settings.

The Display entry in Settings allows you to configure a number of options.

Jack Wallen/ZDNET

The Screen protector mode entry in Android 13.

The Screen protector entry is at the very bottom of the Display settings page.

Jack Wallen/ZDNET

You should now experience a display that more accurately detects your taps and swipes, even with a screen protector covering the Pixel phone glass. 

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Although this feature only targets a very specific user base, it’s important to highlight, so those who do add the extra protection on their Pixel phones don’t become frustrated enough to remove those thin, plastic films.

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