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Unlock DataOps Success with – Featured in Gartner Market Guide!

We have fantastic news to share with you! has been featured in the highly esteemed Gartner Market Guide for DataOps Tools, released on December 5, 2022. This recognition signifies a major milestone in the DataOps market and solidifies as an essential player in this evolving landscape.

Gartner Market Guides are invaluable resources for staying ahead of emerging market trends. With over 100 Market Guide research notes, Gartner provides strategic leaders like you with a comprehensive view of various markets, both mature and smaller, in an easily digestible format.

If you are utilizing Snowflake to build your data infrastructure, applications, data products, and analytic frameworks, it is essential to familiarize yourself with DataOps. Understanding the methodology, requirements, and best practices of DataOps is crucial because it brings the same transformative effects to DataOps as DevOps did to software applications.

To learn more about the DataOps market, download your free copy of the Gartner Market Guide for DataOps Tools.

Download Gartner Market Guide

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