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Transforming Healthcare Technology: The Powerful Collaboration between AI and Nurses

AI has quickly revolutionized operational processes across a wide variety of industries and organizations. One field that is beginning to take advantage of the many benefits of utilizing AI technology in its operations is healthcare.

Specifically, AI tech is helping nurses thrive in a number of impactful, exciting, and groundbreaking ways. Developing a deeper understanding of how nurses incorporate AI technology into their work is critical to gaining a more thorough perspective on how healthcare is evolving in the modern age.

Here is the powerful collaboration between AI and nurses in our rapidly transforming healthcare landscape.

How Nurses Are Utilizing AI

To truly gauge the impact that AI is having and will have on healthcare, it can help to look at keyways nurses are using it. This is especially important for those who plan on becoming a nurse in the future.  Here are some important ways that AI is currently being used by nurses to provide care to patients and optimize their workflows.

Improving and Accelerating Decision Making

For nurses, decision-making is a key part of most, if not all, workdays. From deciding how to respond to various situations to discerning which treatments are best suited for patients, the decisions that nurses make have an incredibly significant impact on the health outcomes of the patients they serve.

Sadly, the decision-making process isn’t always straightforward for nurses. As a result, they often have to take time to weigh different options and look over various healthcare records, which can be incredibly time-consuming.

However, AI technology is quickly changing this paradigm and offering itself as an effective solution to the problem of nurses needing to make consistently rapid and accurate decisions. Rather than nurses having to comb through countless patient records and other supplementary material to make health-related and clinical decisions, AI software has the power to generate accurate solutions virtually immediately.

In essence, these AI-powered software are able to quickly comb through large data sets and make health and treatment-related decisions based on the data it analyzes. While much of these software are currently housed on computers, they are starting to become available on mobile devices. As such, nurses are gaining greater and greater access to AI technology that is able to streamline their decision-making process and make them more efficient and accurate in their roles.

While the main duties of nurses center around treating patients and providing them with care, many other duties and responsibilities typically also fall on the shoulders of nurses. These include tasks such as filling out forms, repeatedly asking patients certain questions, and other menial administrative tasks.

Fortunately, new technology is helping nurses complete these tasks efficiently and with less effort. In particular, automation, robot nurses, and AI technology are speeding up the processes and freeing up more time for nurses.

One of the biggest benefits that comes from a reduction in extra tasks for nurses is more time and energy to focus on patients. In this way, nurses can provide patients with more attentive care and provide better patient experiences. Consequently, new innovations in automation and AI are helping to make healthcare more effective and enjoyable for scores of patients in a variety of medical environments.

A challenge that has marred healthcare institutions for decades is a shortage of healthcare workers. As a result, many facilities across the country are typically understaffed, and nurses must treat a wide array of patients. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for nurses to effectively determine which patients are in the greatest need of care in these hectic and often high-stakes environments.

Today, however, AI has presented itself as an amazing tool for determining which patients are in the greatest need of immediate care. This process helps ensure that nurses are utilizing their time effectively and giving patients who are most in need of immediate treatment the care they require.

Essentially, AI software is able to determine which patients’ nurses should be treated by engaging in a data-analysis process. These softwares can rapidly compare various patient data to scores of records from previous patients. Ultimately, this allows the software to provide insights into which patients should be treated first.

Though this may seem like a somewhat inconsequential innovation in healthcare, the truth is that the effects have the potential to be profound. In fact, this type of AI-powered analysis can help nurses save lives by pointing out patients with severe health problems that may not be obvious on the surface. As such, AI is aiding nurses in profound ways and helping more patients in need receive the immediate treatment that they require.

AI is Ushering Nursing into a New Age of Efficiency, Accuracy, and Optimization

While there have been numerous innovations in healthcare over the last several decades, AI is proving itself to be one of the most important. From helping nurses become more efficient to aiding in the decision-making process, AI is helping healthcare workers provide patients with better care.

In the near future, it’s more than likely that AI technology will become a normalized part of nursing roles and all nurses will be trained to utilize this incredibly powerful technology.

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