Top 10 Technologies Trends 2023

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This video brings to you the #trending top 10 Futuristic technology trends #2023 that will change the world. Did you understand it? Technology is evolving hastily today, permitting for quicker exchange and progress, inflicting the fee of exchange to accelerate. However, it is now not solely technological know-how developments and rising applied sciences that are evolving; a whole lot extra has modified this yr due to the outbreak of COVID-19, making IT specialists recognise that their position in the contactless world will now not continue to be the equal tomorrow.
As of 2022-2023, Expert added new applied sciences Which will assist to alternate the world faster.

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0:00 – Intro
00:46 – Robotic Process Automation (RPA),
01:38 – Edge Computing,
02:34 – Digital Immune System,
03:20 – Superapps,
04:12 – Datafication,
05:09 – Genomics,
05:52 – New Energy Solutions,
06:27 – 5G,
07:04`-`Quantum Computing,
07:50 – Immersive Technologies


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