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The AI News You Missed – A Crazy Week For AI Art!

Here’s all the AI news you probably missed this week! Thanks to Hubspot for sponsoring this video. Download their report here:

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Resources From Today’s Video:
MidJourney Adds Inpainting:
Inpainting Example 1:
Inpainting Example 2:
MidJourney Updates:
Ideogram AI:
Leonardo Update:
Microsoft AI in Paint:
Scenario & Unity:
AI-generated art cannot be copyrighted:
2023 AI Trends for Marketers:
YouTube and Music:
YouTube hum to identify songs:
ElevenLabs Multilingual v2:
Meta speech translation:
GPT-3.5 fine-tuning:
Rachel Woods on Fine-Tuning:
Wipe ChatGPT and start over:
Ugly Numbers from Microsoft and ChatGPT: chatgpt?
Nvidia Q2 2024:
Meta AI ‘off-switch’:
Code Llama:
Hugging Face Raise:
AI-driven features to Thursday Night Football:
Microsoft and Epic accelerate generative AI’s impact:
AI Helps Woman Speak:

Outro music generated by Mubert
Sponsorship/Media Inquiries:

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Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
0:12 MidJourney Updates
2:43 Ideogram AI Art
3:52 Leonardo New Model
4:11 Microsoft Adding AI to Paint
4:21 Scenario in Unitiy
4:37 AI Art Not Copyrightable
5:45 Hubspot AI Marketing Trends Report
7:02 YouTube and AI Music
7:24 YouTube “Hum To Search”
8:05 ElevenLabs New Model
9:11 Meta Seamless M4T
10:25 OpenAI Easier Fine-Tuning
11:36 NYT Lawsuit Could Kill OpenAI
12:20 AI is Dying
13:34 Nvidia’s Insane Quarter
14:28 Meta AI Off-Switch
15:21 Meta Code Llama
15:47 Hugging Face SafeCoder
16:19 Hugging Face Unicorn
16:41 AI on Thursday Night Football
16:54 AI in Healthcare
17:37 AI Helps Woman Speak Again
18:38 Final Thoughts For The Week


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