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Nominate: Most Influential Women in UK Technology 2023

There are plenty of amazing women in the UK’s technology industry, but who do you think is the most influential?

Computer Weekly is looking for nominations for its annual list of the most influential women in UK technology, which it puts together each year in partnership with Nash Squared to showcase the female talent in the sector.

As pointed out by last year’s winner of the list, founder of 3 Colours Rule and GTA Black Women in Tech, Flavilla Fongang: “We only believe in what we see.”

Many young women choose not to pursue a career in the technology sector or drop out of tech-based education because they don’t believe it’s for people like them. This is a problem that could be solved if we ensured they saw more role models in the sector who they can aspire to follow in the footsteps of.

In some cases, young girls have even said they wish they had more encouragement from women already in the sector, and young women have admitted to regretting quitting science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects so early in their education.

Making sure the women in the UK’s technology sector are made more visible and accessible is a vital part of Computer Weekly’s process for selecting the woman who deserves the title of most influential. The number of nominations has grown each year since its inception, with last year’s longlist featuring more than 600 women.

The list was originally launched in 2012, only comprising of 25 women before being expanded to include 50 women.

Each year, we now also recognise the technology sector’s Rising Stars alongside the top 50, as well as add several great women in tech to our Hall of Fame, of which there are now 46 members.

Once the nominations are received, a group of expert judges will choose the top 50 shortlist based on criteria including achievements, potential, leadership skills and the influence of each nominee.

Computer Weekly readers can then vote on the top 50 via an online poll to indicate who on the shortlist they believe should be named the 2023 Most Influential Woman in UK Technology.

The winner of the title Most Influential Woman in UK Tech 2023, as well as the order of the top 50, will be announced at the Computer Weekly/Nash Squared diversity in tech event in London on 11 October 2023, this year being held in partnership with headline sponsor NatWest Group.

Please complete the form below to explain who you would like to nominate – and why – along with some basic details about yourself, and click on the “Submit” button to send your nomination to our judges.

The deadline for submission of nominations for this year’s list is 09:00 on 31 July 2023.

Judging panel

The judging panel that will decide the shortlist and order of the top 50 alongside the readers’ vote comprises industry professionals and experts, including:

  • Russ Shaw, founder of Tech London Advocates and Global Tech Advocates.
  • Karen Blake, co-COO and director of partnerships, Tech Talent Charter.
  • Amali de Alwis, CEO, Subak.
  • Jo Stansfield, founder and director, Inclusioneering; member, BCSWomen.
  • Clare McDonald, business editor at Computer Weekly.
  • Bryan Glick, editor-in-chief of Computer Weekly.
  • A representative from Nash Squared.
  • A representative from the NatWest Group

Amali de Alwis, a judge and a previous winner of the accolade, said: “It is such a pleasure to celebrate the incredible achievements of these individuals, and recognise the significant contributions they have made to the tech industry.

“The impact they have had on their organisations and communities gives us a taste of what a more diverse tech industry could deliver, and provides future generations with valuable role models in an industry where we still have a way to go before we can offer equel opportunities and pay for all.”

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