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Introducing Treehouse’s Career Toolbox Track [Article]

Introducing Treehouse’s Career Toolbox Track—our newest career-oriented resource—exclusively available to active Treehouse students! The Career Toolbox Track serves as your go-to resource for starting a career in the tech industry. Use our Toolbox to expand your understanding of how to effectively communicate your value and grow your professional network. Craft an impressive portfolio that will catch the attention of hiring managers and help you land your dream job.

We aim to provide our students with a roadmap to success. Start learning now—access the course here!

How can you use the Career Toolbox? Let’s jump in.

Jumpstart your career

At the heart of the Career Toolbox Track is our Career Checklist: A course designed to guide you through the process of building essential skills and increasing your employability.

This checklist comprises a series of professional tasks and milestones specifically covering a wide range of topics such as crafting a compelling resume, mastering the art of networking, and leveraging technology to showcase your abilities.

Personalize your journey

Our content offers flexibility, empowering students to customize it according to their own career goals and timelines. 

Within the Career Toolbox, you’ll find two editable resume templates designed for experienced professionals and entry-level developers. Simply copy the template from Canva and tailor it to highlight your key qualifications and achievements.

More Career Resources

In addition to the Career Toolbox, we are thrilled to offer a variety of other valuable resources to support your career growth.

Together with the Toolbox, we invite you to join our Community Discord server, where you can connect with like-minded students and industry professionals. Take advantage of our dedicated #resume-review channel, where our Treehouse staff and your peers will provide feedback on your resume. Regardless of Treehouse student status, everyone is welcome to join!

Still curious about Treehouse’s Community Discord? Check out this article to learn more.

Join the Discord at

Start Your Career With Treehouse

At Treehouse, we are dedicated to equipping our students with the latest industry insights, tools, and opportunities for success.

Dive into our Career Toolbox Track and unlock the key to launching your career. Want to gain access to this powerful toolbox? Sign up to become a Treehouse student here.

If you’re already a student click here to kickstart your career!

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