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How to deal with deleting malicious spam comments on a site



Dealing with malicious spam

  1. Use Anti-Spam Tools:
    • Implement an anti-spam plugin or service like Akismet (for WordPress) or Google reCAPTCHA to automatically filter out spam comments before they appear on your site.
    • Utilize website security solutions like a Web Application Firewall (WAF) to help block spam and malicious traffic.
  2. Moderation and Approval:
    • Enable comment moderation
    • Assign trusted team members
  3. Enable User Registration and Login:
    • Require users to register and
  4. Use Comment Guidelines:
    • Clearly state your website’s comment guidelines or
    • Educ
  5. Implement CAPTCHA:
    • Implement CAPTCHA challenges
  6. Blacklist Keywords and URLs:
    • Create a blacklist of common spam keywords, URLs, or email addresses
  7. Regularly Update Your Software:
    • Ensure
  8. Report and Block Malicious Users:
    • Report malicious users to your hosting provider or website platform
  9. Educate Your Team:
    • Train your team to
  10. Backup Your Website:
    • Regularly backup your website so that you can restore it in case
  11. Monitor User Activity:
    • Keep an eye
  12. Engage with Your Community:
    • Encourage your users to report spam comments. A
  13. Legal Action:
    • In severe

Remember that dealing with spam is an ongoing


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