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Global InsurTech Summit 2023: The Fundamental Technologies for the Future of Insurance

DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in this video are that of the participants and do not reflect those of the organisation

Panel Discussion: The Fundamental Technologies for the Future of Insurance

•How can the insurance industry optimise performance and scalability to meet both immediate and future needs of customers?
•To what extent are no-code solutions able to address the challenges of meeting customer expectations and tech literacy across the workforce?
•What applications could we see for next gen computing and automation?
•How have insurers handled the rapid shift to the cloud and what lessons have been learned?
•What uses are there for IoT and telematics technologies across the insurance value chain?
•How have insurers managed the explosion of data created by connected devices?
•What place will applied AI have in the future of the insurance industry?

Roy Jubraj, Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer, esure Group

Tarun Kohli, Managing Director, Head Group Delivery Services, Swiss Re
Janthana Kaenprakhamroy, Founder & CEO, Tapoly
Tim Hardcastle, CEO & Co-Founder, Instanda


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