Generative AI Report: DaaS Startup Facteus Launches Mobius

Facteus, a leading data-as-a-service (DaaS) with the large databases of consumer transactions, announced it is providing actionable insights by transforming this immense wealth of data into valuable information for businesses and financial institutions with its newest product, Mobius.

Facteus’ Mobius interface converts everyday language questions into data queries, bridging the gap between humans and large language models like ChatGPT, to extract answers from Facteus’ transaction data sets. In simpler terms, Mobius helps to connect questions with relevant data in order to provide accurate answers. Because Facteus boasts one of the largest consumer transaction data sets, the accuracy of Mobius’ answers will be unmatched.

ChatGPT has opened the world’s eyes to the vast amount of data. As the leading transaction data provider with the largest set of data in the alternative data space, we’ve created Mobius to take it another step further by connecting this data and turning it into usable insight,” stated Jonathan Chin, Co-founder of Facteus. “Historically, we’ve been required to rely on developers and engineers to perform data queries. Now, from analysts and investors to restaurants and retail, Mobius connects anyone – technical or non-technical – to the data through a simple question and answer session. Essentially, with Mobius, the world’s largest US consumer transaction database is at your fingertips.”

As shown in the video below, queries are quickly and seamlessly pulled by Mobius, from the average transaction amount at Target by generation to increase of egg prices over the last year. Without the need for coding, databases, or spreadsheets, Mobius can provide comprehensive insights like Market Share Reports, Cross-Shopping Reports, Competitor Reports, and beyond, by simply asking a question.

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