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Best Prep Courses for DevOps Certifications (2023)

DevOps has become increasingly popular in software development, as the methodology drives collaboration, improves efficiency, and promotes innovation while providing many other benefits. As the demand for skilled DevOps project managers and developers continues to soar, obtaining a certification in this field has become a must for those looking to advance their careers.

If you want to begin or advance your DevOps career, the following prep courses can help you ace the essential exams to get your desired certifications.

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AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional 2023 – DOP-C02

There are several DevOps engineer certifications that can sharpen your skill set, make your resume stand out from the crowd, and make you more hireable. The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional is one of those. As you can imagine, achieving this certification can be quite challenging, which is why taking the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional 2023 – DOP-C02 prep course from Udemy is recommended.

The Udemy prep course features 37 hours of on-demand video geared to help those wishing to become a DevOps engineer pass the exam for AWS certification. Over 104,000 students have taken the best-selling DevOps course that is comprised of 16 sections, including:

  • SDLC Automation
  • Configuration Management
  • Monitoring and Logging
  • Incident and Event Response
  • Security and Compliance

Before taking the DevOps class, it is recommended that you have one year of AWS experience. It is also recommended that you are an AWS Certified Developer Associate. And while the DevOps course’s primary goal is to help you ace the exam and get certified, it is also packed with practical knowledge you can apply in your everyday work in software development.

Preparing for Google Cloud Certification: Cloud DevOps Engineer Professional Certificate

The Google Cloud Professional DevOps Engineer certification is one of the most widely recognized in the industry. The Preparing for Google Cloud Certification: Cloud DevOps Engineer Professional Certificate training on Coursera is one of the top prep courses that can give you everything necessary to pass the exam with flying colors.

This beginner-level DevOps prep recommends having some familiarity with DevOps practices and cloud computing. It also recommends three-plus years of industry experience and at least 12 months of managing solutions on the Google Cloud Platform.

Completing the DevOps prep usually takes five months at a pace of three hours a week with a flexible schedule that lets you work when possible. It consists of the following online courses:

  • Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure
  • Developing a Google SRE Culture
  • Reliable Google Cloud Infrastructure: Design and Process
  • Logging, Monitoring, and Observability in Google Cloud
  • Getting Started with Google Kubernetes Engine

Enroll in this set of online courses, and you can further your DevOps career with professional training from Google Cloud that will allow you to display your technical proficiency while preparing for the Google Cloud Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer certification exam.

Microsoft Certified: Azure DevOps Engineer Expert: AZ-400: Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions

Microsoft has another solid certification that can help on your path to building a career as a DevOps engineer. The Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert is an ideal goal for someone familiar with Azure DevOps and GitHub, plus has some experience with developing or administering in Azure. How can you prep for this challenging DevOps certification? By signing up for Microsoft Certified: Azure DevOps Engineer Expert: AZ-400: Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions from Skillsoft.

The DevOps class is broken down into 15 courses that take 15 hours to complete. Some of the topics you will cover include migration and consolidation strategies, implementing the Agile approach to work management, tool integration, version and source control, and more.

DevOps Leader (DOL) Certification Training

If you are familiar with software development and operations responsibilities and are tasked with culturally transforming your organization via DevOps, then the DevOps Leader (DOL) Certification Training may be right for you. This training can also serve practitioners, change agents, project managers, directors, business stakeholders, IT team leaders, and DevOps tools providers.

Over two days, either in-person or online, the DevOps prep will teach you how traditional IT and DevOps IT differ. It will also provide guidance on how to optimize organizational change, organizing workflows, and more. The DevOps class includes nine modules:

  • DevOps and Time
  • Key Differences Between DevOps IT and Traditional IT
  • Becoming a DevOps Organization
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Squad Organizational Model
  • Managing Cultural Change
  • Culture and its Impact on Performance
  • Popular DevOps Tools and Practices
  • Building a Business Case

Once finished, students will be prepared for a 60-minute exam to get their DevOps certification, which comes from the DevOps Institute.

The Dynamic DevOps Certification Training Bundle

TechRepublic Academy has several DevOps courses in its vast library. One of its best online courses for those seeking a successful DevOps career is The Dynamic DevOps Certification Training Bundle. Filled with nine courses to further your DevOps education and career, it is packed with 47 hours of content on Docker, Puppet, Ansible, and other popular DevOps tools.

The Dynamic DevOps Certification Training Bundle consists of the following:

  • Docker in Depth Training Course
  • Puppet Training Certification Course
  • DevOps Training Certification Course
  • Ansible 2.0 Training Course
  • GIT Training Certification Training Course
  • AWS Sysops Associate Certification Training Course
  • Agile Scrum Master Certification Training Course
  • AWS Technical Essentials Certification Training Course
  • AWS Solution Architect Certification Training Course

As you can see, the TR Academy bundle has a bit of everything regarding prep courses for those looking to stack DevOps certifications down the line. Whether you are an existing or up-and-coming DevOps project manager, data analyst, tester system developer, etc., The Dynamic DevOps Certification Training Bundle has something for you.

Kubernetes Fundamentals (LFS258)

Kubernetes is one of the most popular open-source container-based platforms. The Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) certification is another resume and skill booster that can make your DevOps career skyrocket. To increase your chances of getting the CKA certification, enroll in Kubernetes Fundamentals (LFS258) from the Linux Foundation. It has 17 chapters on Kubernetes architecture, APIs and access, ingress, scheduling, logging, troubleshooting, and more to get you up to speed.

Combine this DevOps education with some real-world experience (two years’ worth) in container runtimes and microservice architecture, and that CKA certification and the engineer role that comes with it could be yours.

Docker Certified Associate (DCA) Certification Training Course

The Docker Certified Associate (DCA) certification is ideal for DevOps engineers and software engineers that enjoy working with the popular container runtime platform. Before aiming for the certification, you should have six to 12 months of Docker experience and a solid understanding of Linux.

To increase your chances of passing the exam and becoming a DCA, enroll in the Docker Certified Associate (DCA) Certification Training Course from Simplilearn. The hands-on training comes from industry experts and is separated into self-paced material, live virtual classes, and a course-end project.

Final thoughts

The DevOps prep courses above can help you unlock the certifications needed to become a DevOps project manager, engineer, or other position in this ever-growing field. Start with the one that best fits your current goals, and continue to stack those certifications to not only advance up the company ladder, but also enhance your DevOps education and skillset.

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