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Augmented Reality: Taking Product Demos To A Whole New Level!

In the fast-paced world of business, where attention spans are shrinking and competition is fierce, a successful product launch can make all the difference.

You’ve invested countless hours refining your product, and now, armed with enthusiasm, you unleash it onto the world with a dazzling demo. But wait – the anticipated traction is not materializing as expected. Why aren’t those product demos generating the buzz they deserve?

The answer is: The Experience Factor!

A demo isn’t just a monologue; it’s an experience. Engage your audience, invite them to interact, and make them a part of the journey. Show, don’t just tell. Create an environment where they can visualize how your product will seamlessly integrate into their lives or businesses. An immersive experience can leave a lasting impression, making your demo unforgettable.

Enter Augmented Reality (AR), a groundbreaking technology that has the potential to reshape the way we approach product demonstrations in the modern era.

What is a Product Demo? 

A product demo is a captivating showcase that goes beyond bullet points, offering a firsthand experience of a product’s capabilities. It’s your chance to bridge the gap between specs and reality, transforming mere potential into tangible value.

In the not-so-distant past, product demos took place in boardrooms, where physical prototypes and eloquent speeches reigned supreme. Today’s successful demos are about more than just features – they’re about engaging narratives, relatable experiences, and real-world solutions that resonate with a global audience.

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Is AR Key to Successful Product Demos?

While AR isn’t the only ingredient in the recipe for a successful product demo, its charismatic allure undeniably transforms the way we showcase products. By harnessing AR’s capacity to blend reality with the extraordinary, you open doors to unparalleled engagement, experiential storytelling, and a sense of wonder that captivates audiences like never before.

As the lines between virtual and physical continue to blur, one thing remains certain: AR holds the key to unlocking a new era of captivating, compelling, and unforgettable product demos.

AR lets you add virtual layers to the world around you, all through the lens of a device like a smartphone or AR glasses. It’s as if your reality gains an extra dimension – a dimension where products come alive to showcase their features and capabilities.

AR Redefines Product Demos: Use Cases

With AR, your customer need not be guessing and hoping – they get to see exactly how the product fits into your world. But AR doesn’t stop there. It’s not just about seeing products in your space – it’s about interacting with them too. Let’s now consider a few use cases.

1. Interactive product demos

AR lets you do all this and more. It’s like having a futuristic playground where you can experiment with products before making a decision.

Case Study: Captivating 385 Million

Challenge: Pepsi Max aimed to share their “Live For Now” brand message through an interactive digital OOH campaign that would resonate with its audience.

Solution: The interactive product demo with AR transformed a mundane bus shelter display into a captivating window to augmented reality. Using bespoke 2D and 3D elements merged seamlessly with the live street view through depth mapping; they orchestrated scenes beyond imagination. These unbelievable moments were captured on day one and spun into a captivating social film for online sharing.

Results: The campaign’s impact was nothing short of remarkable. The YouTube views surged to an astonishing 8 million, with 3 million views achieved within a mere 5 days. The campaign sparked a global PR frenzy, engaging a massive audience of 385 million. Renowned media outlets like ITN, CNN, and BBC Click couldn’t resist the allure and featured the viral video, also spotlighting the underlying technology. Sales of Pepsi Max soared by an impressive 35% YoY during the campaign’s month. The campaign’s brilliance and ingenuity were recognized with over 20 awards, including the prestigious Bronze Outdoor Lion.

2. 360 Product demo

The prowess of a well-crafted 3D product demo not only slashes redundant explanations but also conserves precious time and resources for your team.

Empower your clientele with the ability to explore your offerings from every perspective, delve into intricate details up close, and actively engage with your product. The future of showcasing is here – make it yours.

Case study: Converting curiosity into confident purchases

Problem: Heals recognized a common challenge faced by customers – the quest for the perfect furniture piece transcending the expertise of interior designers. Its customers needed a way to envision how each piece would fit into their spaces before making a decision. This lack of visualization often posed a hurdle in the purchasing process.

Solution: Heals ingeniously integrated 360-degree spin product views into their offerings. While others offer zoom features and color options, Heals takes it a step further. They allow shoppers to envision how each piece seamlessly fits into their living rooms, bedrooms, or dens. This transformative touch helps shoppers convert their browsing curiosity into confident purchases.

Result: Furniture shopping is a natural ally in 360-degree product viewers, especially because these pieces often get shipped to customers’ homes. The tactile experience is absent in this scenario, but Heals bridges the gap. By offering this immersive experience, they empower customers to finalize their decisions and confidently click “buy now.” Heals doesn’t just sell furniture; they sell confidence and certainty in each purchase.

4. 3D AR product catalog

A 3D catalog is a digital collection of products showcased in three-dimensional space, enabling users to interactively explore and view items from different angles, providing a lifelike experience for better understanding and decision-making. It offers a dynamic alternative to traditional static catalogs, allowing customers to engage more deeply with products before purchasing.

Case study: Matching Evolving Market Demands

Problem: Cisco, a frontrunner in technology, faced the challenge of enhancing its 3D interactive catalog, developed back in 2006, to match evolving market demands.

Solution: In 2017, Cisco elevated its game by transforming its extensive inventory of 800+ 3D products into immersive 360-degree photo-realistic AR designs. These designs could be activated across multiple devices, transcending the realm of mobile phones.

Results: Cisco’s investment reaped rapid rewards. The AR catalog triggered a remarkable 9% surge in booth traffic YoY at trade shows. Attendees spent more time at the booth, fueling heightened engagement levels. Moreover, the catalog slashed product shipping costs by an impressive 65% and armed salespeople with an expanded array of accessible products. Cisco’s strategic move didn’t just address their challenge – it revolutionized their engagement and operational efficiency.

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Utilize AR for Your Product Launch and Product Demo with Fingent!

We at Fingent know the secret recipe: we blend your product’s essence with AR magic. Imagine your audience entering a world where your product isn’t just shown but comes alive. Fingent crafts AR experiences that let customers interact, explore, and feel your product – like they’re part of a captivating story.

But it doesn’t stop at the launch – we transform product demos where customers don’t just watch a demo; they experience it. Your product becomes more than a concept; it’s a tangible adventure they can touch, see, and believe in.

Fingent’s expertise isn’t just about the technology but your success. We tailor AR solutions to your brand, ensuring your message resonates with customers. We guide you through the process, making the seemingly complex delightfully doable. Fingent doesn’t just help you implement AR; we create an immersion, a connection, and a memory etched in minds.

Give us a call, and let us turn your business dreams into reality.

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