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Unbelievable Future World: Robots & AI Revolution 2023-2050! | New Technology | Pro Robots

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Technology has evolved exponentially over the past decade. The future is waving hello to us, like Elon Musk’s Optimus robot, and, like him, it can be exciting or frustrating.
Look at how far we’ve come since 2000 thanks to computing technology.
At the turn of the century, personal computers were exorbitantly expensive and the Internet was available over a phone line, we watched the best movies on cassette tapes, traveled on auto trips with paper maps, and transferred Word document files on floppy disks.
So what will the ever-accelerating progress in 2023 lead us to? And what will technology be like in the 2030s and 2050s?
We have collected all trends in robotics and artificial intelligence for years and decades to come in one video! Well, let’s go!

00:00 In this video
01:04 Predictions of the future
02:11 Trend #1. Improving AI
03:08 Trend #2. Internet of robotic things
03:42 Trend #3. VR, AR, ER and the metaworld
05:22 Trend #4. Turnkey robotic solutions
06:24 2030: the era of unmanned cars
07:07 2030: fully autonomous manufacturing and construction
07:42 2030: robotic medicine and care
08:11 2030: robotic explorers
08:55 2050: AI solves everything
09:42 2050: genomic medicine
10:51 2050: drones and flying cars
11:12 2050: life in the meta universe
11:37 2050: jobs and society of the future
12:19 2050: home of the future

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