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Test Automation Trends 2023 Ft. @siddhantwadhwani 🔥 #Newyearnewlearnings @SalesforceTestingGuy

Test Automation Trends 2023 Ft. Siddhant Wadhwani #newyear #newlearnings
#Newyearnewlearnings @SalesforceTestingGuy

Time Stamps:
00:00 – 02:37 – Test Automation Trends
02:38 – 02:46 – End Screen

A bit about Siddhant Wadhwani:-
▪️Working as a SDET Manager at Newfold Digital (former Endurance Group) with 7+ years of experience in the I.T. industry, and strong technical expertise in Manual & Automation testing.

▪️Around 3.5 years of experience managing a team of 15-20 SDETs, driving results based on a Quality-First approach.

▪️Pursued my Master’s degree in M.C.A. from V.E.S. Institute of Technology and Bachelor’s degree in BScIT from U.P.G. College of Management (both affiliated with Mumbai University).

▪️Worked majorly on Web-based, Client-based, and Mobile applications, DevOps & Cloud-based services (AWS).

▪️My experience ranges across various domains like E-commerce, Cloud-based SaaS platforms, and Business Intelligence & Web presence solutions.

▪️Not metaphorically, I aim to move mountains by constantly nurturing my skills, working diligently, outperforming, and emerging as a shining star as always! Likewise, with the right amount of self-confidence and a Quality-oriented mindset with a “Test to Break” attitude, I can guarantee that my limit knows no bounds.

▪️Looking at ways to make the most optimum use of my skills and create a significant impact, which indirectly would contribute to any organization’s success. Having a proven ability to go Above & Beyond & being honored with various Awards & Accolades at work, speaks of my capability to excel wherever I go!

Technologies & Tools:
– Automation: Robot Framework, Selenium WebDriver with TestNG, Selenium 4
– Programming Languages: Java, Python
– IDE: IntelliJ, PyCharm, VS Code, WebStorm, Netbeans, Eclipse, Android Studio
– ALM: JIRA, Azure DevOps
– Test Management: Zephyr
– API Testing: Postman, RestAPI, Swagger, Shell scripting
– GUI Testing: BrowserStack, LT Browser, Selenium Grid 4.8.0
– Platforms: Mac OS, Linux, Windows, Android, iOS
– Database: MSSQL, MySQL
– Cloud: AWS
– Performance: JMeter, Blazemeter, Apache Benchmark
– CI/CD: Git, BitBucket(Stash), Jenkins, OpenShift OKD4
– Code Coverage: JaCoCo, Sonar
– Security: Veracode, OWASP ZAP
– Monitoring: New Relic, DataDog, AWS CloudWatch, Google Analytics, Snowflake
– Testing Microservices & Micro Frontends

a. Sports Fanatic: 🏸 🏓 🎱 ♟ 🚴‍♂️ 🎮 🏊‍♂️ 🏀
b. Tech Enthusiast: 🤓
c. Digital Artist: 🎨
d. Globetrotter & Gallivanter: 🚞 🛫 🛳

Feel free to connect with me via –

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I’m Gandharv Madan, QA Engineer By Profession and a Teacher by Passion. On a Mission to help Fresher who wants to start their career in the field of Software Testing and Salesforce Testing Follow me for videos on Career, and more podcasts with amazing people.
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