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Short-Term Rental Trends USA 2023: Insights from Industry Leaders

By popular demand, this episode of The Accommodation Show was put together from a live session called STR Legends Live USA, where I had the honor of hosting a group of amazing industry leaders. I was humbled to have such an all-star lineup of guests, including Richie Khandelwal, Brooke Pfautz, Dennis Goedheid, Alex Husner, and Stacey St. John.

During the session, we had an engaging and thought-provoking discussion about the latest trends, tools, and tactics driving success in the short-term rental industry in the USA. We covered a range of topics, from guest experience and technology to marketing and business growth, and the insights and expertise shared were truly invaluable.

📋 Chapters!

02:32 Intro to Stacey St. John, her work with women, and Kozy Getaways.
04:18 Intro and background of Brooke Pfautz and Vintory.
06:13 Intro and background of Alex Husner and Casago
09:12 Intro and background of Richie Khandelwal and PriceLabs.
14:41 What is emotional branding and how can it be used to create a stronger connection between consumers and a brand?
12:01 Intro and background of Dennis Goedheid and Casiola.
18:51 The Rising Importance of Guest Experience in 2023
20:53 Marketing Techniques for Enhanced Guest Experience
24:20 Consistency in Guest Experience: Key Elements and Strategies
25:13 Casiola’s Guest Experience Standard: Maintaining Excellence
26:42 Standard Operating Procedures for Consistent Guest Experience
28:57 Training and Development for Aligned Guest Experience Goals
29:39 Creating Engaging Workplace Culture in Hospitality Industry
31:57 Technology and Short-Term Rental Businesses in 2023
36:38 The AI Revolution: Expected Changes in Hospitality Industry
42:50 Choosing the Right Technology Solutions for Your Business
45:59 Key Elements of a Successful Marketing Strategy
47:33 Prioritizing Marketing in 2023: Why it Matters
50:19 Creative Marketing for Innovative and Impactful Campaigns
54:01 Shoestring Budget Marketing: Tactics and Channels for High ROI
57:31 Customer Acquisition in Marketing Strategy: Benefits and Importance
0:59:04 Third-Party Channels vs. Direct Booking: Effectiveness Comparison
1:00:10 Customer Preferences in Direct vs. Third-Party Booking Decisions
1:03:06 Growing Your Short-Term Rental Business in 2023: Top Three Strategies
1:04:17 Inventory Growth: The Fastest Way to Expand Your Business
1:05:07 User-Generated Content for Compelling Marketing Campaigns
1:06:56 PriceLabs: The Benefits of Dynamic Pricing for Revenue Optimization
1:08:01 Network Growth and Expansion Strategies for Vacation Rental Managers and Hosts

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