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Data Science and ML

Machine Learning Bolsters Digital Marketing Strategies

Artificial intelligence is starting to have a huge impact on the way many companies around the world operate. One of the biggest reasons that biggest ways that AI is changing the business world is with marketing.

One recent survey found that 61.4% of marketers use AI in marketing to some degree or another. AI technology is especially beneficial with digital marketing, since digital marketers can take advantage of large amounts of data to optimize their strategies.

Machine Learning is Crucial for Success in Digital Marketing

If you have a Spotify or Netflix account, you have probably noticed a trend. When you watch or listen to something one day, the next day you will have a whole category of recommendations from the same genre as your most played or watched. It’s also how your Amazon account has recommendations on more products you can buy.

Have you ever wondered how this happens? If yes, then you will be amazed to learn that this is all machine learning. It is using artificial intelligence to create patterns and solve problems.

And no, it is not a new concept which means it’s time you start using machine learning to drive your digital marketing strategies. No worries, we will show you how. You can refer to which offers great essays on these topics, and then explore more with experts.

Now read on to learn more about machine learning and digital marketing.

Analyze Data Sets

Any business without an online presence now is missing out on a lot of clients. Once you get online, you will realize that there is a lot of information to organize, inspect, and use to make decisions. Even if you employ someone to do that for you, the information will still be a lot.

However, whichever social media account you run, will probably have an analytics page where you can view your statistics.

That’s an aspect of machine learning. The business account you have on let’s say Facebook will collect data from the marketing you are running. This is data you might have struggled under or missed some important sets. The software will then organize it and present it to you in a simplified way.

Do you see how easy this is for you? Now all you do is tweak your digital marketing strategy to get the desired results.

Create and Optimize Content

We previously shared five ways that AI can be used in content marketing. The benefits of doing so cannot be overlooked, as automation is more important for reaching customers with quality content than ever.

We cannot emphasize more on how important content is to your marketing efforts. However, what kind of content are you putting out there? Does it add value? Does it make people come back for more content and eventually they convert to clients? You can have a great writer, but machine learning can help you create content.

For example AI-powered writing assistants. However, since people don’t like AI-written blogs and articles, you can choose to have your work written by a human but then optimized by software.

This way you will know how your content ranks on search engines and how you can make them rank better. The software will suggest how you will use keywords and even which topics interest potential clients more.

Increase Personalization

After you have optimized your content and a client has converted, does your brand feel personalized? Most brands ignore personalizing content and communication with clients. Clients value brands that are personal.

Personalization is also very important with social media marketing. Fortunately, data analytics technology has proven to be remarkably helpful in this regard.

For example, send emails that include client names on it. Or have your brand recommend products that they have previously looked at.  Without this, clients will switch over to another brand.

You don’t need to wonder how you can personally reply to each email and honestly finding the time for this is difficult. That’s how machine learning can help you. You can run an algorithm that tracks client behavior and respond accordingly.

If they looked at products but didn’t buy, send an email with similar products to prompt them. If they went along, only to abandon their cart, send a prompt reminding them to buy the products. And always, make it a personal message.

Remember the Amazon example we mentioned above, that’s the same algorithm they use.

Improve Marketing Automating

Influencer Marketing Hub also emphasizes the benefits of using AI to automate marketing. This is going to be more important as more companies have limited marketing budgets and need to use their resources more efficiently.

Now that you have personalize your brand, you can also use machine learning to automate your marketing efforts. This way you will improve customer engagement.

Let’s say you send an email to clients who sign up on your pages.

Most brands send a generic email that may come off as bland. However, with machine learning, you can configure your communication to be engaging based on product offers that may interest your clients.

You can also set it up so that the algorithm finds data on potential leads which help you focus your marketing to target groups that will respond favorably. While it is possible to do this without machine learning, automation makes it easier and faster saving you time and energy you can focus on making your products better.


Finally, you can make use of chatbots. If you are running an online business, you must get a good chatbot to help with customer queries and requests. With a chatbot, you don’t need to have a human answer to customer queries or direct customers to the right page.

The beauty about chatbots, at least the well-developed ones, they can respond with a high degree of accuracy. This is because they learn your page and from previous conversations with clients.

Because chatbots continuously learn and improve, it will give an even better experience with more conversations with humans. So you might want to train your chatbot to answer complicated queries so that it gets better. Soon you will have a bot that is very clever and can sell to customers without any input from you.

Probably your clients won’t even know they are talking to a bot. All you will receive are the chat transcripts and orders.

Visual Imagery

Finally, we all know that people are visual-oriented. We tend to focus on colors and layouts that are attractive. With machine learning, you can have your page evaluated and improved to boost client engagement. You can look at marketing campaigns you run, and you can get an idea of what works and what doesn’t.

Final Thoughts

If you are starting your online business, consider using machine learning to boost your efforts. We have provided the ways you can take advantage of machine learning.

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