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Key new features and innovations in EDB Postgres 16

PostgreSQL 16, the latest major release of your favorite open source RDBMS, set new standards for database management, data replication, system monitoring, and performance optimization. Like clockwork, EnterpriseDB (EDB), a leading contributor to PostgreSQL code and leading provider of the Postgres database to enterprises, has unveiled its latest portfolio release for Postgres 16.1.

The milestone EDB Postgres 16 portolio release integrates the core advancements of PostgreSQL 16, reaffirming EDB’s dedication to the Postgres community and driving innovation in this technology. Let’s take a look at the key features added to the EDB Postgres 16 portolio release.

Performance and scalability enhancements

The new release boasts significant improvements in parallel processing and faster query execution, elevating Postgres’s status as a sophisticated open-source database. These enhancements are poised to benefit enterprises by facilitating more efficient data processing and quicker response times, crucial in today’s fast-paced business environments​​.

Advanced security features

Security takes a front seat in EDB Postgres 16, with the introduction of flexible cryptographic key support and enhancements to Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), which has been updated to offer options for both AES-128 and AES-256 encryption. This allows customers to select AES-128 for scenarios where performance and energy efficiency are priorities, and AES-256 for instances where compliance with regulatory standards or achieving the highest level of security is essential.

The addition of privilege analysis further strengthens the database by adhering to the principle of least privilege, which involves tracing and documenting all active and inactive privileges assigned to a role. This approach allows customers to tighten their database security by methodically revoking unnecessary privileges, thereby preventing both deliberate and accidental data access or alterations. Additionally, this system facilitates the provision of comprehensive reports on database privileges for each role to auditors.

Oracle compatibility and easier migration

Acknowledging the challenges of migrating from Oracle databases, EDB has enhanced its Oracle compatibility features, prioritizing the most common incompatibilities found in EDB Migration Portal. The results led EDB To expand coverage in Oracle packages such as DBMS_SESSION, DBMS_SQL, and UTL_FILE. This additional coverage is a significant boon for organizations migrating from legacy systems while maintaining familiar workflows and minimizing disruption​​​​.

EDB also has introduced SPL Check, which aims to transform the developer experience for developers working with stored procedures. Instead of writing stored procedures and ensuring complete application suite testing to detect errors, SPL Check helps detect errors not found until runtime despite a successful CREATE PROCEDURE/FUNCTION command.

Additional features compatible with Oracle have been incorporated into the SQL MERGE command, aiming to minimize the discrepancies encountered during runtime between Oracle’s MERGE and PostgreSQL’s MERGE.

Lastly, the update also introduces new NLS Charset functions, namely NLS_CHARSET_ID, NLS_CHARSET_NAME, and NLS_CHARSET_DECL_LEN. 

Enhanced management and administrative control

EDB Postgres 16 introduces sophisticated role membership controls, providing administrators with greater oversight of user activities. This update is crucial for managing complex enterprise databases, ensuring optimal performance even under high-intensity workloads. Additionally, enhanced visibility into table and index usage paves the way for more informed decision-making and efficient database management.

EDB’s latest offering is a testament to its enduring commitment to advancing Postgres. Improved scalability, enhanced security features, and better management tools make EDB Postgres 16 a premier choice for enterprises worldwide. This release not only underscores EDB’s innovation but also solidifies its role in addressing the dynamic needs of modern businesses​​​​.

Adam Wright is the senior product manager of core database, extensions, and backup/restore at EDB.

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