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Is AI Complicating Our Ability to Purchase Rare Items?

AI it’s changing the ecommerce sector in countless ways. Therefore, it should be no surprise that ecommerce brands are projected to spend $16 billion on AI solutions by 2030.

Artificial intelligence technology has also substantially altered consumer purchasing behavior. In most regards, AI technology has significantly improved our ability to efficiently acquire goods and services that we are looking for.

In a whitepaper for Science Direct, Oihab Allal-Chérif of the Department of Information Systems, Supply Chain and Decision-Making at the NEOMA Business School in France talked about some of the many ways that AI technology is changing purchasing behavior. Allal-Chérif and his colleagues are confident that artificial intelligence will continue to redefine consumerism for years to come.

One of the biggest ways that AI has improved the buying process has been with the invention of personalization. Most ecommerce stores give personalized recommendations to customers, which makes it easier for people to choose the right products and services.

Personalized product recommendations have already had a tremendous impact on consumer purchasing behavior. One survey from Forbes found that 35% of all online purchases in 2021 were driven by product recommendations made by generative AI.

Unfortunately, despite all the benefits that AI technology has brought to consumers, it has also come with some downsides. One of the challenges is that AI Is being used by companies with limited inventory to restrict the availability of some products. In some instances, companies may deliberately restrict production to sell their products at a premium. Harley Davidson has done this for years.

These companies are using AI to regulate purchasing volume, which can be frustrating for customers that want to buy more than one item. Fortunately, there are still ways around these AI safeguards, but consumers need to be aware of them. This involves making use of web proxies.

Web proxies can still help customers evade AI controls design to limit purchasing volume of rare products

People that have rare items command respect. Most people want something that they cannot have, which has conditioned us to perceive rare products as being prestigious and valuable. People tend to see individuals who possess rare items, collect antiquities, or don limited-edition shoes as having greater value than those with more commonplace products or attire.

Companies are aware of the power of this notion and have been capitalizing on it by manufacturing or reselling limited-edition goods for quite some time. Supreme is a prime example of this, as its limited-release products ignite fierce competition throughout the United States.

Initially, shoes captivated people’s attention, but this phenomenon has since increased to encompass various clothing items. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to overhear conversations about the latest Supreme release and the anticipation surrounding them.

Supreme is an example of a company that is using AI more effectively monitor IP addresses of customers. Therefore, customers need to know how to use proxies to avoid these issues.

Why Do You Need Proxies for Supreme?

When trying to acquire the latest attire from Supreme, need to know how to use proxies. The brand has implemented sophisticated AI-based cybersecurity measures to identify attempts to purchase multiple items from a single IP address. To bypass detection of these AI controls and successfully purchase multiple items by using bots, it becomes necessary to redirect your internet traffic through various proxy servers.

Doing so will make your internet traffic appear to originate from different computers, thus avoiding violations of Supreme’s one-per-customer policy. Of course, artificial intelligence technology may become more sophisticated in the near future, so simple proxies may no longer be sufficient. However, for the time being they are a simple solution that works very well.

Utilizing proxies enables you to make multiple purchases, increasing your chances of securing desired items. This is just one of the many benefits of using proxies, in addition to data mining.

Can You Use Any Proxy?

Supreme employs its own anti-bot protection system, including measures such as Pooky and Google’s reCAPTCHA. These AI-driven measures enable the brand to detect multiple purchase attempts from the same individual via bots and proxies. Their system analyzes various characteristics of IP addresses, including usage history and ownership, to identify and flag connections. 

IP addresses associated with data centers, commonly used by most proxies vendors, are recognized as not typical of genuine customers. This is one of the downsides of buying products from a company with sophisticated AI cybersecurity controls in place. As a result, these IP addresses are either banned or queued during high-demand releases, rendering them ineffective for accessing Supreme’s website. Due to the sophistication of Supreme’s anti-bot protection, bypassing their security measures requires specialized proxies. 

Supreme Drop

The Supreme Drop comprises a collection of branded clothing items released every Thursday, which holds significant value and tradition for passionate fans who eagerly await these releases. You can acquire these special-release items through brick-and-mortar stores, resellers, and the Supreme online store. 

  • The first option involves physically waiting in line outside Supreme stores, which can be physically demanding. It’s important to note that many people share the same desire, and in some cities, a pre-queue system exists where people can register to secure a place in line.
  • The second option is to search for Supreme clothing on reselling platforms such as eBay, Grailed, Depop, Facebook groups, forums, Big Cartel, online stores, and Yahoo! JP auctions. When pursuing this option, you must be careful to avoid purchasing fake or counterfeit products.
  • The third option is to try your luck on the Supreme online store. Although you don’t have to physically wait in line, it is hardly a good alternative. Given the intense competition for Supreme products online, many people have realized that relying solely on their own efforts may not be enough to have the products shipped to their home addresses. 

Tapping Into Bots to Acquire Rare Supreme Items

The limited-edition nature of the clothing accessories from this brand has contributed to their popularity among enthusiasts and collectors. The appeal of exclusive releases and the desire to own unique and sought-after apparel has led to significant demand for them. As a result, some individuals have turned to automated bots to increase their chances of securing these limited-edition items during online releases. However, it is vital to note that using bots to acquire Supreme products is against the terms and conditions of the website and can result in penalties, including being banned from future releases.

By automating the purchasing process, bots make acquiring desired Supreme items easier. But to ensure success in buying limited-edition clothes, there are certain steps you need to consider. First, choose the type of bot carefully based on how many items you plan to purchase. Configuration after choosing is also critical, as picking specific products and providing all required information will improve outcomes. Once set up correctly, the final step will be choosing a suitable proxy provider to evade detection. 

The Final Ingredient: Supreme Proxies

A proxy is the last important thing you will need to buy clothes on the Supreme online store. The primary reason for utilizing proxies with bots is to avoid detection. When a bot generates excessive requests within a short time, the Supreme website server identifies it and promptly blocks its access. Consequently, accessing the website from the same IP address becomes impossible.

Supreme proxies are specifically designed to tackle this highly demanding purchase process. Using rotational IPs provided by these state-of-the-art proxies prevents any single IP from remaining active long enough, avoiding detection by Supreme’s advanced security measures. Following this strategy will help maintain the bot’s ability to navigate the Supreme website seamlessly to complete all the purchases you need.

AI technology can make things more complicated for customers looking to purchase multiple products but proxies can help

A growing number of brands are using AI algorithms to restrict customer purchasing volume of rare products. Supreme is one example. The good news is that certain web proxies can help customers make purchases without violating company policies.

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