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iOS Essentials | Kodeco

The Kodeco iOS Essentials program provides a comprehensive learning experience guided by experienced industry professionals. Gain the in-demand skills you need to excel in building modern iOS apps using Apple’s revolutionary UI framework, SwiftUI. 

You’ll begin with an introduction to Apple’s Swift programming language, Xcode, and version control. Once you have the fundamental concepts you will learn SwiftUI and craft captivating user interfaces. You’ll effortlessly guide users through your apps with built-in navigation tools. As the program progresses you’ll navigate your way towards the power of data management, including passing data, state management, and data persistence for dynamic apps. Take a step further with networking and performance optimization techniques, ensuring your apps run smoothly. 

With the help of your mentor you can progress with confidence, ensuring you have a firm grasp of each concept. This program provides you with the tools to maximize your learning potential towards becoming a sought after iOS developer.  

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