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Here’s what needs to be in your L&D Strategy for 2023 – Let’s Talk Talent HR Explainer Series

Are you creating a new L&D strategy for 2023? Well here are the things I think you should consider.

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So you might be sitting here thinking, I’ve got to write an L&D strategy for 2023 – where the hell do I start, and Jo, please tell me those answers? Well, I’m here to help you.

Now I’ve written many L&D strategies in my time, and they all start from the simple premise of “what’s the exam question that I’m trying to solve?” What’s going to be different in the year, 18 months or two years after I’ve created that strategy, that are going to make people feel as if they understand what development and learning means in that organisation?

So really start with your exam question. Most people, when they’re driving an L&D strategy, start with course. They think about the stuff that they need to build, and at LTT we like to think about it as “resources, not courses”. And the way that you get to that is, first of all thinking about what your people need. And that talks about personalisation.

So what are the learning personas that you need to make L&D stick? Now with a client recently that we’ve just written an L&D strategy for, they had seven different personas. And they started from: a new joiner, a new manager, up until a leader or even a specialist, project manager, business partner.

So generically, they may need the same things in terms of human skills. But in terms of knowledge, or technical expertise, they may need different things. And they may want to access learning in a completely different way.

So if you’re like me, I learn through people. I learn by watching, talking, listening. Other people are readers, other people want to watch videos, podcasts. Other people want to go on face-to-face.

And when you’re thinking about your learning and development strategy, think about it in two ways. The investment that you’re making – so that’s the volume of resources that you need to create – versus the contextual nature of those learning resources.

So what I mean by that, and Donald Taylor put it really well, when he did a pyramid, he thought about the context, the business context of learning. And then he thought about the volume.

So when you think about the volume at the bottom of that pyramid, you’re looking at things like Coursera, the libraries of learning. And then when you move to the top of the pyramid, you’re looking at team days, face-to-face.

So the higher the context of the learning, the less volume you need to create. So keep it super simple. Don’t think about courses, think about resources, think about personalization, and ultimately the exam question that you’re going to solve.

Because the measurement is going to come from joining those three major elements together. And they’re the ways in which you create an L&D strategy.

So do you have any L&D challenges in 2023? Do you agree with how I create an L&D strategy? Please leave your comments below, we’d love to hear from you.

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Hope you enjoyed this video. See you next time.


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