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GitHub Enterprise Server debuts time-based roadmap layout

With the latest version of GitHub Enterprise Server, GitHub is touting collaboration, workflow, and observability improvements, including enhancements to the GitHub Projects feature.

Available as of June 29, GitHub Enterprise Server 3.9 offers an enhanced beta of GitHub Projects, which lets development teams plan their work next to their code. In the 3.9 release, GitHub Projects features a new time-based roadmap layout, which allows users to visualize issues and pull requests on a timeline, along with new workflow automation capabilities. Projects and issues can be more easily standardized and automated with tools such as issue forms.

For workflow in GitHub Projects, a new auto-add capability monitors chosen repositories to add issues as they are created or as they are changed to meet custom rules. A new auto-archive capability keeps projects tidy by removing items that have been closed for longer than a user-defined amount of time. New copy functionality can replicate the most effective project settings over and over again. Users also can create issue forms to guide team members on how to submit the right content for different issue scenarios.

GitHub Enterprise Server is a self-hosted platform for software development within an enterprise. It combines Git version control, APIs, productivity and collaboration tools, and integrations. The product can be downloaded from

Also in GitHub Enterprise Server 3.9:

  • Secret scanning checks for custom patterns on push are featured, saving developers time in keeping sensitive information out of a code base.
  • Code scanning can be enabled in a few clicks, making it easier to keep vulnerabilities out of production, GitHub said.
  • Operators gain more levers and insight to manage GitHub Enterprise Server, with enhanced logs, new upgrade tools, and improvements to the audit log.
  • Auto-scale self-hosted runners use a Kubernetes-based Actions Runner Controller backed by GitHub.

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