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9 HR Trends for the Year 2023 : Understand & Transform | Vaishali Parekh – HR Coach | HRM Tips

Vaishali Parekh from HR First is presenting her views on the latest HR trends for the year 2023. The world of work is transforming at a tremendous level which may create pressure for HR leaders so all have to accept & change their way of working and managing human capital.

Let’s understand changing part of human assets in the coming years.

In this video, you may learn about 9 HR trends for the year 2023,
1. Use of Technology
2. Hybrid workplace & Policy
3. Attract, Manage & Retain
4. Upskilling & Reskilling of staff
5. Employee Wellness
6. Data Analytics A new way to know more 7. Think beyond the traditional role of HR
8. Be the Voice of your People/Team
9. Hire a Diverse workforce

Connect with us for guidance to redesign your HR department or for HR Audit.

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