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2023 Crypto Trends & Predictions 🔮 | Monthly Market Update

2022 was a tumultuous year in crypto, but Charis believes 2023 can offer new hope and opportunity for builders and users alike. In this short video, Charis dusts off the crystal ball and shares her predictions and trends for crypto this year.

📈 Will ‘soulbound’ tokens gain momentum?
📈 What’s in store for NFTs?
📈 How will markets perform?
📈 What’s happening with regulation?
📈 Other trends and predictions for 2023!

We’re working to improve these videos every month. Leave your questions and feedback in the comments!

00:00 – 00:07 Introduction
00:07 – 00:54 Tech & Tokens
00:54 – 01:12 ZK Proofs
01:12 – 02:04 NFTs
02:04 – 02:15 Markets
02:15 – 02:49 Regulation
02:49 – 03:26 Looking ahead

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