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1 minute daily tech news and trends July 31st 2023 #tech #ai #artificialintelligence #technology

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Stay updated with the latest tech news and trends in just 1 minute! This video covers a wide range of topics from Twitter’s shocking rebrand to X, the rising demand for iPhones in China, Chevy’s Blazer EV shipping, and much more. We delve into Amazon’s bespoke tool battery adapters for old Dyson devices and the increasing prices of smartphones in China, even amidst a market slowdown. We also touch upon the controversy surrounding the Big X on Twitter’s old building, and the strides Google is making with AI like Bard and ChatGPT. Don’t miss out on today’s most important tech headlines – watch now!

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Dissolving circuit boards in water sounds better than shredding and burning;
Arizona law school embraces ChatGPT use in student applications;
Google’s RT-2 AI model brings us one step closer to WALL-E;
Android malware steals user credentials using optical character recognition;
Most of the 100 million people who signed up for Threads stopped using it;
Stability AI releases Stable Diffusion XL, its next-gen image synthesis model;
US senator blasts Microsoft for “negligent cybersecurity practices”;
OpenAI discontinues its AI writing detector due to “low rate of accuracy”;
Windows, hardware, Xbox sales are dim spots in a solid Microsoft earnings report;
Twitter commandeers @X username from man who had it since 2007;


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